ODARC,LLC (Office of Design Architecture) is a multidisciplinary and multifaceted Design-Build Service Firm established in 2000 and re-estructured in 2012 to provide comprehensive Architectural Design and Construction services in Spanish and English to a wide range of client base from the individual to the small business to the large corporate firm. The firm began producing work on a small scale and complexity receiving initially drafting, home design and as-built drawing commissions and request for qualifications. Through the years the firm has evolved in the service sectors and experience addressing larger in scale and complexity projects. As a result, the firm’s goals, mission and directive underwent re-structuring and re-branding in 2012 lending the firm to market it self to a broaden client base and project type.  With a over 11 years of experience in the Architecture, and Construction Industry Services; the team at Odarc has been involved in generating construction documents for a wide range of project types including; Educational Science & Technology, Commercial Interior, Retail, Residential-Hospitality, and Single Family Dwelling. Odarc continues to seek experience in other specialized Architectural service areas to better assist our clients.

ODARC is the type of business that adapts it self to the ever changing economy addressing the clients’ budgetary requirements by providing cost effective fee services and focusing on a per project basis. No one project is too small or too large for the firm, the value is placed in quality not quantity, every project is of importance and every staff member at Odarc takes pride and responsibility as a service industry to deliver an end product that is favorable and successful.  The belief at Odarc is that the client’s Success is directly related to Odarc’s Success, and thus the business model is, “The answer is Yes, What is the Question?”. The approach is to be collaborative, adaptive, efficient and effective on any size project, thereby providing our clients with a comprehensive product that meets their requirements.

ODARC Joint -Venture with small firms or independent professionals. We combine our resources to provide fee-based Drafting, Architectural Design, Interior Architectural Design, Design-Build, Construction, Project Management, and Client Representation services on large and small scale multi-discipline projects. This provides our team the opportunity to pursue a wide range of projects without assuming the risks of a large company infrastructure. We are thus completely dedicated and are able to share our experience in a diverse range of project types to stand amongts the specialized Traditional Firm Structure.

We welcome your project and look forward to working with you to acheive your project’s goals. Inquire about our services and products, give us a call to schedule a consultation.